Compassionate Pitbull Guards Cat While She Gives Birth In His Kennel

The world is overflown with examples of how sympathetic and caring Pitbulls are, and yet, they are still sadly the most common breed found in rescue shelters worldwide. A Mexican man by the name of Juan José P. Flores hopes that the story of his pitbull Hades will inspire people to see pits for what they truly are. Flores knew his dog’s heart was filled with endless love, but even he was surprised to find that his compassionate pitbull guards a pregnant cat while she gives birth in his kennel.

Flores knew that his pitbull only had love in his heart
Juan José P. Flores

Flores was no stranger to the pregnant cat. She visited his neighborhood for as long as he lived there but never allowed him anywhere near her. Regardless, Flores always left the stray some food outside his door. Evidently, the man’s act of kindness inspired his doggo to follow his lead.

Recently Flores, who’s now working from home, heard someone knocking at his back door. Convinced it is a person knocking, Flores quickly rushed to see who it is. Much to his surprise, it was Hades, who was desperately trying to get his attention.

The xompassionate pitbull guards the cat while she gives birth in his kennel
Juan José P. Flores

The pooch led Flores to his kennel, where he saw that his dog had a special guest. It was the shy neighborhood kitten that, as it turns out, was looking for a place to deliver her babies. Hades must have crossed paths with the kitty, and, inspired by his dad’s kindness, happily shared his kennel with her. But things didn’t end there.

The compassionate pitbull even covered the enterance with blankets
Juan José P. Flores

Flores was stunned when he returned outside, to find that his compassionate pitbull devotedly guards the cat while she gives birth in his kennel. The pooch, who evidently thought the whole thing through, even covered the entrance with a blanket. What a kind, selfless hero!

Juan José P. Flores

Under Hades’ supervision, the bashful kitty gave birth to two gorgeous kittens. Flores moved the kittens and their mother, who’s now named Nicol, into their house. Flores plans to keep the kittens and their mother until they’ll be old enough to find their warm, loving, forever homes. Until then, they’re more than welcome to stay with him and their new foster father, Hades.

Heres your mamma cat
Juan José P. Flores

Flores hopes that Hades’ story will inspire people to see pits for the loving, compassionate, and tender souls they truly are.

Its been a long day for the compassionate pitbull

Let’s help him do that, by sharing Hades’ inspiring story.

H/T – The Dodo

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