Abused Stray Pitbull Finds A Forever Home With The Officer Who Rescued Him

From all the different stray animals out there, it seems that Pitbulls have the hardest time finding a home. But not this next pitbull, he found a forever home with the police officer who helped him get off the streets.

It all began when Officer Jim Tucci received an anonymous call that led him and his partner to a suburban back yard. When the two arrived at the scene they were startled by the condition of the two Pitbulls they had found tied to a pole.

Both 6-month old pitties, Hemi and Foreign, were in pitiful condition. They were badly malnourished and covered in fleas. Both their legs were in such a horrid condition that they couldn’t even put pressure on them to walk with the officers back to the car.

It was only when the two arrived at the Niagara County SPCA, that the true scale of their neglect became apparent. Out of the two, Hemi seemed to have gotten it worse, with countless open wounds covering his body.

Sadly, the Niagara County SPCA already knew how to cope with these situations. They set up a GoFund Me page, which quickly raised more than $5,000!

In spite of everything they have been through, the two pitties showed no aggression towards the people around them and the shelter’s staff almost instantly fell in love with them.

On the other side of town, Officer Tucci couldn’t get Hemi out of his mind. He and his wife just had a talk about adopting another dog, so he figured that he’d strike while the iron is hot, and show her a picture of the latest pitbull he had rescued.

The following day the two already filled the papers and adopted Hemi! After just a week with Officer Tucci, his wife, and their Frenchie Manny, Hemi already seems to be recovering much faster and his real colors start to shine through.

Foreign is also expected to get adopted as soon as she recovers by a sheriff’s deputy who fell in love with her. And so, the two pitbull puppies who started life unloved and neglected, are finally surrounded by love, warmth, and care.

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