Pit Bull Won’t Stop Crying After Mom’s Death And Begs USP Driver To Find Him A Home

Being a USP driver for over 15 years comes with many interesting stories and unlikely situations. But one of the best things Katie Newhouser loves in her job is greeting adorable pooches on her delivery route with delicious treats and warm hugs.

Katie Newhouser/Inside Edition/YouTube

When Katie met Leo, the Pit Bull and his mom, Tina Rummer, for the first time, they immediately clicked and started to form a close bond. One day, Katie got heartbreaking news that Leo’s mom passed, and he left behind devastated, all alone.

Tina’s son, who happened to be a marine soldier, was deployed far away, and Leo had no one to take care of him. Katie was worried about the poor Pit Bull, and when she passed by his house the other day, then he leaped into the truck and refused to leave her.

Katie Newhouser/Inside Edition/YouTube

The right course of action seemed clear to Katie, she couldn’t leave him, and so she decided to foster the friendly pup till Canon is back home. 

Leo settled in his new abode quickly and befriended with Katie’s dogs right away. It didn’t take long till he became an integral part of their canine pack.

Katie Newhouser/Inside Edition/YouTube

Leo would often sob when he thought about his beloved owner, but his four-legged siblings were by his side to comfort him and shower him with love and affection.

Soon, Katie realized that Leo became a family member, and she couldn’t leave him. And so, the compassionate UPS driver decided to adopt Leo and keep him forever.
The adorable Pit Bull is finally safe and sound, surrounded by lots of loving family members. His charming smile started to come out and shine a light.  

Watch Leo blooms in his new home:

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