Pit Bull Wasn’t Allowed To Be Adopted But One Woman Had A Plan For Her

Where there Many cities in the U.S. prohibited owning pit bulls. The cruel act has left so many helpless pit bulls in shelters across the U.S without any chance to find a home. One of those cities was Sioux City.

Sioux City had many overcrowded shelters due to the exclusion. The worst part about it was that they all just sat in cages at the back of the shelter because they weren’t up for adoption anyway. The poor pooches didn’t even have a chance!

One of those canines was Angel, a sweet pitbull yet “intimidating” dog who showed her teeth growled at anyone who wanted to come near her. The staff at the shelter was too afraid to go near her, so she was very lonely. 

One day, a volunteer from a nearby shelter, the Karma rescue, came to the Angel’s shelter to lend a hand. The kind-hearted volunteer heard about Angel, and couldn’t believe that the canine was so isolated all the time. She was told that Angel will be euthanized in a few days, and the news shattered her soul. 

When the volunteer met Angel, she simply broke into tears. She knew that she had to save the sweet dog, and show her true colors to everyone.

The volunteer called a friend who’s a behavioral specialist. Once he met with Angel, he asked to take her outside, and they all headed towards the yard. 

Everything seemed different in the yard: suddenly, the roaring canine started to roll over the grass and ask for some love and attention, leaving everyone speechless.

The volunteer couldn’t let Angel die! Nevertheless, she didn’t have a lot of options: she couldn’t adopt poor Angel herself, because it was against the law! No one in the area was allowed to adopt pit bulls, and if the volunteer were to leave Angel at the shelter, she’d get euthanized. The only thing that she could do was ask for help, and so she did. 

The volunteer asked to take Angel out for a walk before her final moments, and while the two were out, she called other shelters and organizations, begging for them to take the poor pooch before her time came.

Unfortunately, all the shelters in the area were completely full, and the volunteer was starting to feel as if she was fighting a lost cause.

When she was about to give up, a text finally came. It was the Hug Hearts Foundation in Los Angeles, and they were willing to talk. After a long conversation, it was settled – Angel was about to become an L.A dog. 

A few weeks later, she was already on her way to a new, safe life.

At the foundation, Angel learned what real manners mean: she was taught to behave and to socialize with others calmly. Within a few weeks, the canine was already a model dog. It just goes to show that all that she really needed was a chance and a loving teacher. 

Now, no one is afraid of Angel anymore, and it looks like things are finally starting to turn around for pit bulls in general: the prohibition of owning Pit Bulls was lifted in Sioux City!

We hope that the other pit bulls will be as lucky as Angel and find a loving home.

Angel’s story was recorded on video! Watch Angel’s touching story.

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