Pit Bull Pretends To Faint Just To Avoid Trimming Time

Trimming toenails isn’t such a big deal to many, but for this actor dog, it’s apparently a living hell.

This sweet Pit Bull would do anything just to get away with trimming time. She orchestrates a dramatic scene just to make her mamma stop.

The award-winning actor planned it the whole time; once she saw her mommy coming to trim her toenails, she acted normal and gave her her paw, but when she was about to trim her nail, she did something shocking.

The over-dramatic pit decided to pull an Oscar-winning act that gone viral all over the world.

The adorable pit bull falls on her back, hoping that her mom would believe this whole thing.

She expected her mom to be moved by her impressive performance and skip the trimming. The cute pup just wanted her nails long, it’s not much to ask, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, someone didn’t let the actor know that when people faint, their eyes are shut, so she kept her eyes open to check her mommy’s response.

Don’t miss the hilarious Oscar-winning scene: 

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