Pit Bull Flips Out When His Rescuer Comes Back To Adopt Him

Joey Wagner, a proud volunteer at the ‘Baie Ste Marie Animal Society’ in Nova Scotia, Canada, received an urgent call from the animal rescue center one night.
He was asked to come and accompany a severely neglected dying Pit Bull pup in his last hours.
The puppy was seriously dehydrated and covered in mite bites, which made him scratch excessively and lose most of his fur.

Though the puppy was weeping in pain Joey knew he had the heart of a warrior.

Despite the doctors only giving him a few hours to live, the pup became stronger with each passing day. Joey knew he would survive and decided to name him Mojo.

In the following weeks, Mojo’s condition improved significantly, but he wasn’t out of the woods quite yet: “We had many people request to adopt him however because his health was severe it was not considered”, wrote Joey on his Facebook page.

Even though Mojo was let down by humans in the past, he never held a grudge against them and had plenty of love to spread around.

Joey and his wife Leta fell in love with Mojo’s personality, and his “enormous will to live”, as Joey wrote on his Facebook page

When Mojo fully recovered and it was time to find him a forever home, Joey and Leta were first in line to fill the paperwork, but even they couldn’t have predicted his reaction. As soon as Joey walked into the vet’s office Mojo jumped at him in joy wiggling his cute tiny tale and kissing his rescuer’s face. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Its been seven years since their emotional reunion and Mojo’s fur fully grew back.

Joey and his wife Leta continue to inspire people to adopt with their story.

Watch Joey and Mojo’s joyful moment of reunion here:

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