Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted With Her Pink Baby Calf

The combination of words ‘pink’ and ‘dolphin’ makes these creatures sound like they came straight out of a fairy tale, but they’re as real as they come. Found mostly in the Amazon River and southeast Asia, pink dolphins can also be seen as far north as Louisiana. Just like this mother pink dolphin who was spotted casually swimming with her equally pink baby calf in the Calcasieu River.

As one of the only places in the US where these rare pink dolphins can be spotted, the Calcasieu River is quite popular with tourists and locals alike. In addition, the river is also a common boating route, as it eventually feeds into the Gulf of Mexico. That is exactly the reason Erik Rue was on the river to spot the magnificent creature that day. According to Rue, the mother dolphin has been swimming in the river since 2007. She was named Pinky by the locals (for obvious reasons). The man says that this is the first sighting of her with an offspring.

While pink dolphins do exist, as we mentioned above, it is unclear whether this individual and her calf are in fact pink dolphins. Don’t worry, your eyes are fine, they are pink, but there might be another explanation for their unusual coloring. Some scientists believe that pinky and her calf are actually albino dolphins. They claim that the pink color is due to the fact that their red blood vessels are showing through their white skin. There’s no way of knowing except taking them out of the water and examining them in a lab. Luckily this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Watch WFLA News’ report on the pink dolphin that has been spotted with her calf in the video below:

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