Pink Deaf And Blind Puppy Shows The World How To Overcome Obstacles

When a breeder mated a dappled Dachshund and a dappled Chihuahua, he didn’t expect to get a pink puppy. There, among 37 other puppies in Georgia, as the mother welcomed her litter into the world, the breeder was disappointed to see Piglet, a light pink puppy.

Not to mention that Piglet’s coloring was the last thing that worried the breeder, he was blind and deaf as well. But it didn’t stop him from being friendly and playful. 

Due to his condition, the pink pup needed a caring home that would be able to give him the special attention he needed.

The sweet little canine was brought to Connecticut, where he met a vet called Melissa Shapiro who planned to foster him. But they both had another thing coming; Shapiro and Piglet fell in love and became undivided. After having him with her for two months, the loving foster mom knew he was her forever baby.

Surprisingly, Piglet wasn’t her only dog; she had 6 more canine children, and Piglet was the perfect addition to her pack. While taking in a deaf and blind dog requires lots of attention and work, she believes he’s worth it.

When she took him under her wing first, she cared for him round the clock, and he became glued to her. Piglet was nervous and anxious many times and got separation anxiety when she left the house, so for the first month, she couldn’t leave his side.

It took the pink youngster some time to adjust and gain confidence in his forever home. These days he does all the activities that his siblings do; go for walks, play with dogs, and even go with Shapiro for work. He won’t let anything stopping him from living life to its fullest.

When a third-grade teacher from Plainville, Massachusetts, learned about Piglet’s journey, she decided to share his story with her class. She taught them through his life story that they can overcome any struggle in life if they are positive and confident. Moreover, she believes that embracing differences is key to a healthy society. Since then, the kids send Piglet adorable hand-drawn cards that warm both Shapiro and Piglet’s hearts.

Piglet inspires the world and raises money with his family to make special needs rescue dogs’ lives better. They sell Piglet merchandise and so far have raised more than $30,000!

You can find on Piglet’s website a list of educational PDF’s for classrooms. 

Piglet and Shapiro are determined to continue to inspire and make the world a better place. Although Piglet had a rough start, he made a huge turnaround after Shapiro adopted him and showed him how it feels to be loved.

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