Pigeon Steals Poppies From A Tombstone To Build A Colorful Nest At War Memorial

Staffers were left confused after they noticed about a month ago that poppies at a tomb of an unknown soldier started to disappear.

They tried to think about the cause but were completely clueless. They discovered later a thief was stealing the poppies – a pigeon decided to build a flowery home at the Australian War Memorial by a stained glass window.

Australian War Memorial in Canberra

It was reported that a staff member clocked the colorful nest in the Hall of Memory a few weeks later.

The memorial says that a wounded soldier symbolizes the quality of ‘endurance’ and the nest of poppies is a reminder of the unique bond between man and animals on the battlefield.

Australian War Memorial in Canberra

In World War Two, armies used pigeons to carry and pass messages among the army, and some pigeons even won medals.

Australian War Memorial in Canberra

Dr. Meleah, a historian, said that military animals are trained to serve different functions and fulfill different purposes that people aren’t able to do as easily. Pigeons are used when a couple of men try to pass a message from their location to the backline; at times, the bird can get through when no one else can.

Watch the video about the unlikely poppy nest:

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