These Pictures Of Squirrels Will Remind You How Awesome They Are

As someone that never really got to live next to squirrels, it’s hard to believe that some people see them as pests. Hopefully, these pictures of adorable, playful, and intelligent squirrels will be able to change these people’s minds.

There are plenty of reasons to love squirrels. They are much more intelligent than one would think. Some squirrels trick other squirrels and birds, by stashing fake food to lure their rivals away from their real stash.

Squirrels come in an incredible variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The Bhutan Giant Squirrels, for example, can grow up to 4.2 ft (1.27m) in length, while the tiny African Pygmy Squirrels only measure between 3.9–5.5 in (10–14 cm). Out of all the magnificent species of squirrels, the type that’s most commonly recognized is tree squirrels. Tree squirrels are prevalent mostly in the northern hemisphere and can be found almost anywhere, from city parks to dense forests.

The most fascinating thing about tree squirrels? Some of them land like epic superheroes

The second most common type of squirrels is ground squirrels. These squirrels build themselves tiny burrows, with some ground squirrel species spending the whole winter inside them hibernating.

The third, and possibly most exciting type of squirrels are, of course, the famous flying squirrels. These squirrels live in bird-like nests or cavities in trees. They don’t actually fly as their name suggests, but rather glide from one branch to another, in constant search of food. Their not picky eaters either. Most flying squirrels will eat anything from nuts to baby birds.

This old woman uses a marionette of herself to feed squirrels in the park

Just like it’s other residents, New York squirrels can also be quite rude. This one looks like his tapping the guy on his shoulder to ask if he’s going to finish his meal

This woman filled a teacup with walnuts for her squirrel friend

His friend texted him that she just saw a squirrel eating pizza, to which he replied “pics or it didn’t happen”. Here’s what she sent:

After a long cold winter, this man opened his grill for the first time. Here’s what he found:

That adorable tiny hand

Isn’t she a beauty?

This one looks like she died her tail blonde

She took care of the squirrel and he thanked her with an adorable tiny hug

His dogs spotted this tiny squirrel baby in the forest and adopted him

This squirrel fell in love with this man while he was having a picnic

This squirrel looks like he just came out of 4 months of quarantine

Check out this incredible picture taken at the Grand Canyon

Just a sleepy albino squirrel taking a nap on a tree

Pictures Of Squirrels napping on trees

The Day After Hurricane Irma, This Baby Squirrel Ran Straight Up To Me, Jumped Into My Hands And Passed Out. I’m Sure It Had A Rough Night

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