Pics Of Conservation Workers Wearing Special Suits To Feed Baby Zebra Go Viral

It seems that at these crazed times, nothing is really happening in the world except the coronavirus outbreak. We’re so heavily bombarded with corona news, that it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole world out there that keeps spinning and being its normal self.

Gladly, we can still provide you with a few moments of joy by bringing you happy heartwarming animal news, just like our next story.

The beginning of Diria’s life was anything but a bright one. The beautiful zebra was first sighted eating next to his mother, by two herdsmen who were on a nearby ranch with their herd of goats. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pride of lions appeared and chased the helpless zebra and his mother. The chase didn’t last long, as the lions quickly caught and killed Diria’s mother in front of him.

Poor Diria had no choice but to flee to the nearest shelter he could find – the herd of goats, among which he hid until the danger passed. The herdsmen, who felt sorry for the newly-orphaned zebra, wanted to help him. They gave Diria goat milk and dropped him off at The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a well-established Kanyan wildlife rescue shelter.

Diria received the very best treatment from the shelter’s staff, ever since his arrival in February. Like all foals (which is the correct term for baby zebras), Diria also has brown and white stripes that will gradually shift to black and white as he matures. Despite bearing the deep scars of his traumatic past, Diria seems to be recovering well and grows stronger with each passing day.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust uploaded the zebra’s story to their Facebook page, and it quickly became viral (in a good way for a change). It wasn’t necessarily Diria’s story that caused the post to go viral, but also, possibly, the attached picture. The image shows a conservation worker nurturing and grooming the adorable animal while wearing a rather peculiar coat. The internet was immediately intrigued by the unusual coat, so we investigated and here’s what we found.

Foals are dependent on their mothers to survive in the wild. They recognize them by memorizing their mother’s strips. At times, mother zebras even distance themselves from the herd to make recognizing them easier for their offsprings.

Since zebras are raised by one mother, but the staff at the rescue shelter changes regularly, the workers came up with the innovative idea of wearing one striped coat.

Diria shall be released back to the wild, as soon as he’s fit to the harsh life on the savanna. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit and donation-reliant organization that will highly appreciate any sum of donation, especially on these hard and uncertain times. It will also be of great help if you follow them on social media here.

Feel free to leave a donation for The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust here.

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