Pic Of Dog’s Paw That Resembles Koala Makes Dog Owners Check Their Pups’ Paws

There’s no question that dogs are one of the most adorable animals on Earth. Their cute ears, fur, and nose can melt many hearts.

But one of the best parts of dogs is definitely their paws. They are fluffy, paddy, and soft, a thing that surely can soften our eyes and hearts.

Some dog lovers have noticed that dog paws resemble koala bear figure. The mixture of both has provided social media with a dose of adorableness that has spread like wildfire.

A Twitter user, @41Strange, twitted a picture of paddy paws that caught everyone’s attention for all the right reasons. These adorable paws are actually koala shaped paws.

No one can unsee the resemblance between the two as the large pad is in a koala shape, and the other pads resemble the koala body. You can even see the koala adorable round ears on the pads.

The moment people see the resemblance, they can’t help but sharing the pictures selected by @41Strange. But not all dogs’ paws look like a koala.

Other netizens have noticed other resemblances to teddy bears, baby Simba, and Ewoks, which are adorable as well. But Koala paws don’t look like dog paws since they have three cute thumbs.

People have started posting funny pictures of koala shaped paws

The comparison between dog paws to the koala figure made people stop their lives to check their canines’ paws. 

Make sure to do the same!

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