Photoshop Battle On Golden Opossum Gone Viral

Photoshop battles are a real dose of hilarious manipulated pictures that could make you forget about all the stressful things in your life for a moment and just laugh at loud. 

And just to challenge people to edit sidesplitting pictures, Reddit features a community of photoshop contests in which users can battle using image manipulation software, play photoshop tennis and the talented ones can win Reddit gold! 

When a Reddit user posted this adorable picture of the unique golden opossum to challenge the internet, it went viral instantly, and the battle had begun.

The golden opossum is actually a brushtail possum that has a genetic mutation which caused by low levels of melanin in its skin and fur.


It’s rarely seen because their unique fur color makes them conspicuous to predators and so, they hide among the leaves in order to protect themselves.

With that, people’s humor can be brilliant sometimes and the results are on another level! 

Scroll down to see the most hilarious photoshopped images of this adorable golden opossum. 

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