Photographer Goes Out Of His Way To Capture Stunning Images Of Mice Hiding In Tulips

Captivelight is a British photography studio that specializes in capturing stunning images of “birds of prey, reptiles, frogs and other beasties.”

The studio enables photographers to capture close-up pictures of incredibly cute animals, like these harvest mice, in a purpose-built environment. This fact makes the photographers completely independent and non-reliant on any weather conditions.

The studio prefers to photograph animals that were born in captivity, rather than removing wild animals from their natural habitats. This way, the photographers don’t disrupt fragile eco-systems. After the animals had their few moments of glory in the spotlights, they are released to a nearby nature reserve and carry on with their happy lives.

Capturing the adorable pictures below, required giving every single one of the mice treats throughout the session, to stop them from munching on the stamens and nectar of the flowers.

Take a few moments to appreciate these amazing close-up pictures of adorable mice hiding in colorful tulips, that will surely brighten even the darkest day.

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