Photographer Catches The Magic Of Icelandic Horses In Incredible Photos


Wouldn’t you just love to leave everything and fly away? To travel from one beautiful place to another, enjoy amazing views and appreciate every moment on an exciting adventure.

That’s precisely what Drew Doggett, an international artist, and photographer, is doing. Although Doggett owns a house in South Carolina, he spends most of his time abroad, looking for unique views and animals to capture.

Doggett’s creative style is mostly drawn from nature: he loves to explore new places and rediscover the genuine beauty of life.

While he was traveling through Europe, Doggett decided to stay in Iceland for a while and marvel at the beautiful snowy views.

Apparently, this was Doggett’s lucky day, because he’d stumbled upon a charmingly magical gathering of Icelandic horses.

The Icelandic horses are quite extraordinary. They are pretty tiny compared to other horses and could be easily mistaken for ponies! They live in seclusion and haven’t been in contact with any other horse breeds in over 1000 years!

As a result of their cold habitat, these horses tend to have a lengthy and large coat. They were initially brought to Iceland by the Vikings, around the 9th and 10th centuries, and haven’t come in contact with any other horse breed ever since.

In efforts to protect the breed, Iceland sanctioned laws against the import of other breeds to the country. Moreover, if a horse from Iceland is exported, he’ll never be able to return to his homeland.

The Icelandic government knows how hard it is to get used to their harsh climate, and believes that horses that aren’t accustomed to their weather could suffer gravely. Therefore, they prefer to keep only Icelandic horses of pure breed, as they have already evolved to living life in such a cold environment.


Although Doggett had only spotted snow-white Icelandic ponies, their colors differ and you can find them in various colors including; chestnut, dun, bay, palomino, black, gray, and pinto.


The majestic creatures look like they came straight out of a dream. It’s no wonder that Iceland would like to keep their breed pure. Although most of them live alone, some horses love to be around people and are quite friendly.


Doggett had definitely caught the essence of the legendary horses. You can just feel the magic in every image.


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