Petting Caged Lion Lands Man in Hospital

It is not a secret that wildlife isn’t the safest to be around, not to mention predators! Although cat predators are known as the most dangerous animals, we can still see those “deadly cats” on videos doing cute things at the zoo. Those adorable videos might confuse us, are they dangerous? Does it depend on where they grew up? It was his 10th wedding anniversary when Pieter Nortje and his wife Ilze had an unpleasant incident with a wild cat. They chose to celebrate their special

Day in South Africa and went to the Tikwe River Lodge in Virginia.

Image credits: Pieter Nortjé

They were touring the game lodge, and Pieter made the decision to approach the lions and play with them. He stuck his hand through the gaps in the fence in an attempt to pet the animals, but one of them bit his arm and tried to pull him.

Image credits: Pieter Nortjé

This terrifying event was filmed by Ilze, in the footage one can see Pieter casually talking to the animals, completely unaware of the danger he is in. He pets the lion and says “If you bite me, I’ll bite you back,” inadvertently foreshadowing the tragedy that is about to unfold. The lion initially responds calmly to the man’s touch, but things soon take a turn for the worse as a lioness – the lion’s mate – approaches and immediately bites Pieter’s arm while it’s still stretched through one of the gaps in the fence.

Image credits: Pieter Nortjé

The lioness bites hard, reaching bone as the man struggles to break free. His wife screams “It’s biting him, it’s biting him!” as the man continues pulling at his arm, eventually managing to escape the lioness’ deadly grip. He was instantly given medical treatment at the scene and then transported to a local hospital. According to local news outlet “news24”, he was treated for septic shock and is currently in serious condition.

Scroll down to watch the full video below- WARNING: Graphic content

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