Persistent Man Tries To Befriend A Stray Kitten For Over A Year And Finally Adopts Him

It took Lex time to gain the trust of this stray cat, but once he did, the two became inseparable.

When Lex first moved to his neighborhood, his neighbors warned him there were many stray kittens in the area. Amongst all the others though, there was one that kept coming back and running through his yard. Lex, who never considered himself to be a ‘cat person’ didn’t think much of the kitten at first. Little did he know that it was actually the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

After a few visits from his feline neighbor, Lex noticed that the kitten was skinny and felt bad for him, so he decided to feed him. The only problem was that the kitten’s life on the streets taught him not to trust humans. He was absolutely terrified of Lex, it only took one look from him to scare the cat away.

Lex didn’t know it yet, but at heart, he was a true cat loving person. He began leaving the kitten a can of cat food and some water on his patio, and the cat visited his porch daily. Despite Lex’s gesture of goodwill, the cat still didn’t trust him enough to let the man near him.

As the weather started getting colder, Lex felt obligated to provide the feline with shelter from the long and chilly Michigan winter. He handcrafted the kitten a tiny house and left it on his porch. The first night, the cat crawled into his kitty-house, made himself comfortable, gave Lex a loving look filled with gratitude and fell asleep.

The following day, the moment Lex has been waiting for the past year finally arrived. The kitten came to Lex’s sliding glass door and scratched it, asking to be let in. Lex happily opened the door for the kitten to come in, but he was still slightly wary of the whole situation. It took some bribing to convince the kitten to come into the house, but once he did he completely gave in and allowed Lex to pet him for the very first time. It was a moment Lex will never forget.

But it wasn’t only the kitten who had a change of heart about his feelings towards humans. Lex also discovered his inner cat lover. The cat, who was later named Cinnabon, now lives with Lex. The previously distanced duo are now totally inseparable. 

Lex loves letting Cinnabon out to roam the neighborhood, just so he could see him come back to the house as if it was always his.

Watch Lex tell the story himself in the video below:

If you want to learn about the two’s mutual adventures visit their Instagram account

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