‘Perfect Imperfection – Dog Portraits Of Resilience’ A Series You Don’t Want To Miss

The famous animal photographer Alex Cearns is known for taking unique and inspiring pictures of animals. Earlier this year, he created a special dog portrait series named ‘Perfect Imperfection – Dog portraits of Resilience’. You will see in the series various animals but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all disabled and beautiful.

Cearns’s models are more than inspiring; Raul who’s partially paralyzed, a naughty puppy named Bali Pip who was rescued when he was sick on the streets; Shazza who is blind and loyal; and many other beautiful disabled dogs. Cearns aids to raise awareness and show people that different is beautiful as well.  

The compassionate photographer desires to capture unique differences between animals. He is inspired by the way they manage to live their new lives with their new circumstances. They decide to see the good things life has to offer and never complain, and it inspires him to do the same.

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