People Share Their Pictures Of ‘The Most Photographed Dog In Bruges’ In His Memory

If you’ve ever visited Bruges, one of Belgium’s most touristy cities, it’s likely that you’ve encountered one of the city’s most known and unusual monuments. No, we’re not talking about one of the cities’ canals or one of its picturesque gothic churches, but rather of a yellow Labrador Retriever, that in its 13 years of life, became one of Burges undisputed icons.

The dog, named Fidèl, spent most of his life dozing off at the window of his home, the Côté Canal B&B. He pleasantly sat there, watching as the tourist boats passed his window, and waved to him in admiration:

Fidèl’s charming and lazy nature made him the most photographed dog in Burges, and a local celebrity. Fidèl made his international breakthrough after appearing in the movie In Bruges alongside Colin Farrell (we’ve skipped the video to the part you care about) and in a TV ad for Godiva Chocolatier. After living a long (yet not very active) life in the spotlights, Fidèl sadly passed away in 2016, leaving millions of heartbroken fans behind.

Two days ago, Amy, a Twitter user, who was charmed by Fidèl’s pictures, found out about his death and decided to bring his story back to life.

She asked people to share their own pictures of the pooch from their trips to Bruges, in memory of the pooch. It’s just incredible to see how little the doggo moved over the years:

Did you travel to Bruges and have your own pictures of Fidèl?

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