People Only Wanted To Adopt The Younger Pitbull But Not Her Senior Doggy Soulmate

Two shelter dogs prove that even a man’s best friend needs a best friend of his own by its side. The Pitbull and Chihuahua pair arrived at the shelter together, and ever since become each other’s best friends.

On paper, the two couldn’t seem more different. Taco is an elder 8-year-old Chihuahua, while Merril is a lively 3-year-old Pitbull. But despite their external differences, the two formed an incredible bond and quickly became inseparable soulmates.

Merril was used by her previous owner as a breeder dog. It led her to develop urinary tract infections, and she needed to undergo surgery. When the staff attempted to separate Merril from Taco and bring her into surgery, it became evident to them how connected the two really are. Taco’s cries echoed for hours throughout the shelter’s corridors. He desperately called for his beloved other-half. The cries were so heartbreaking that the staff were forced to bring Taco into surgical recovery just to show him that Merril was okay. This is something they had never done before.

Seeing how strong Merril and Taco’s bond was, the staff knew that there was no way they could ever be separated. As soon as Merril finally recovered from her surgery, the staff began the quest of finding the two a loving and caring forever home, a task that was soon proven to be a very difficult one.

While many people showed their interest in adopting younger Merril, they shied away after being told she came with her older 8-year-old companion. The staff started to lose hope and considered separating Merril and Taco. Then a miracle happened.

A woman by the name of Jodi called the shelter and said that her family is interested in taking both dogs and giving them the loving environment that they deserve! The two quickly acclimated to their new home and were so grateful to find loving pet parents.

Sadly, we later came to learn that Taco passed away due to medical complications. With all the sadness of Merril having to part from her soulmate we can still find consolation in the fact that Taco got to spend his final years in a caring and nurturing environment.

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