People Must Stop Delegitimizing The Grief Of Losing A Pet

Losing a pet in one of the worst things one could go through. Pets are family members, and when they’re gone, they’re are huge holes in their owners’ hearts.

Our pets love us so much, at times, they love us more than they love themselves. They are ecstatic to see us when we come back home, they greet us with a wagging tail when we wake in the morning, and they come to sit by our sides and comfort us when we feel down. With that, we share a deep bond with them that people who never had a pet wouldn’t understand.


When we lose our pets, emptiness feels our hearts. The heartbreaking feeling is difficult to cope with, some people are left devastated.

Unfortunately, those who never had pets do not understand what the whole “drama” is all about and could be insensitive about it. 

So you probably wonder how to act when someone is grieving the loss of their beloved four-legged companion.


The fundamental notion of the deep bond that pet owners share with their babies might be hard to relate. In fact, some people are even closer to their pets than their human family members. Therefore, in order to react appropriately to one’s grief, it is crucial to comprehend how close the two were and recognize their pain.

In addition, it is not only important to acknowledge their deep bond but also choosing your words carefully. Instead of coming up with solutions to make them feel better, try to show them that you feel for them, it’s simple as that. It is highly recommended to refrain from trying to cheer them up by making the loss less important.


As when humans go through a grief prosses when they lose their human loved ones, pet owners who grieve the loss of their furry friends also go through a grief prosses. It takes time to cope with the new reality, so be patient and give the time they need to get back on their feet.

To conclude, instead of delegitimizing their pain try to be compassionate and thoughtful.

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