People Don’t Believe Pooch’s Transformation After A Muddy Playdate

The only problem with owning white things is that they usually don’t stay white for long. Apparently, the same also applies to white dogs.

When Onni, a five-month-old, Samoyed from Helsinki, Finland, met his sister Ada for a playdate, his shiny white fur quickly transformed into dark chocolate brown. Miraculously though, the dirt didn’t stick to Onni’s face, leaving it as white as ever.

In an interview to The Daily Mail, his owner Lotta Alajoki recalled the event: 

“At first, we were worried about how we were going to get him clean, but when we kept looking at him all we could do was laugh, he just looked so funny that we had to take a picture.”

Later, when Lotta uploaded the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures to her dog’s Instagram page, followers quickly questioned the authenticity of the pictures and speculated that they must have been Photoshopped, because his face seems way too clean. Lotta quickly clarified that – “Onni looks like that after every muddy walk or playdate! His face was still white because the hair on his face is shorter so the mud doesn’t stick to it.”

Onni’s name translates from Finnish as ‘lucky’, though it seems that, at least this time, Lotta is the lucky one. Despite having a fluffy white fur, cleaning Onni isn’t the laborious task one might expect it to be. Samoyeds have a double-layered coat that is self-cleaning. The outer layer keeps the bottom one nice and clean, so all that Lotta needed to do to restore Onni’s bright white fur, was to wait for the mud to dry out, and brush it off.

Don’t miss the adorable video of Onni playing with his sister Ada:

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Now that everything’s back to normal, and Onni is back to his original fluffy white color, you can stay up to date with his adventures on his Instagram page

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