People Are Amazed By Magnificent Bug That Looks Like A Flower

Margaret Neville from South Africa went out for a stroll and came across an astonishing sight.

Margaret Neville

When she looked at her lavenders, she was quite confused to see an unlikely bug on her garden bushes. She looked for one more second and realized it was a beautiful insect with coloring matching her lavender bush.

Although the marvelous guest came without an invitation, Neville was happy to greet it. The delicate bug looks like a magnificent glass sculpture that wanted to blend in with the purple flowers. 

Seemingly, the grasshopper was happy to come across matching-colors flowers since its own markings look like purple flowers.

When Neville witnessed the remarkable sight, she knew she wanted to share it with her friends and so took a photo of it. Her friend, Kerri Martinaglia, was fortunate enough to see Neville’s photo and was amazed by its beauty.

Margaret Neville

Neville and her friend learned that its called “Flower Mantis” that perfectly matches to camouflaging itself among florals. 

The astonishing mantis was blossoming like the lavenders and was named by Neville, Miss Frilly Pants.

Take a look at the magnificent insect on the video below:

Happily, once Neville noticed the trespasser, she came across with it almost every day during the last month.

Neville’s friend, Martinaglia, was smitten with the little creature and had to share the wonderful sight with the world. After the photos were posted on social media, it spread like wildfire and amazed the internet community.

Here’s a recent photo that Neville took when a suitor came by:

Margaret Neville

Neville hopes that the two will fall in love and mate so she could see many adorable baby mantises. 

Finger crossed that Miss Frilly Pants will stay there and have healthy sweet youngsters.

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