People All Around The World Send A Rescue Bait Dog Headband To Cover Her Wounds

Little Abigail was a bait dog. She was just 3-year-old when she was rescued after being abused. Miami-Dade Animal Services described her case as the worst they have ever seen. Poor Abigail’s face, neck, and head were wounded, and sadly, she lost her right ear. Luckily, Abigail was rescued, and she lives these days at safety.

After her story was published, people around the world started to mail the little pooch headbands, bows, and hats.

Abigail was rescued among other dogs during a raid on a Florida fighting operation. At the Pets First Animal Center, vet clinic, it was estimated that she was exploited to be a bait dog.

When Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue saw her for the first time, a big part of her face and ear were missing. Brave Abigail went through a few surgeries, and so the volunteer had to protect her wounds in some way. They started to knit her stylish hats, headscarves, and bows.

When people around the world heard about her story for the first time, they were moved, and many decided to send her heartful gifts; headdresses, toys, and treats.

The founder of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, Victoria Frazier, created a Facebook page “Bonnets for Abigail” in which Abigail’s supporters can follow her journey and send her gifts. Over 30K people follow her page, and many wait every day for a new post.

Abigail was adopted by an incredible family; Megan and Jason Steinke who live in Fort Meyers, Florida. 

Abigail with Victoria Frazier’s husband Brock Frazier.

She has an adorable rescue dog sister who’s also a pit bull, Tala.

Frazier signed Abigail into the annual hero dog contest.

Abigail helped to raise money for Dogs on Deployment group, which helps to find fosters for service members’ pets while they’re away. Later on, our Abigail was announced as that year’s hero on a ceremony that was broadcast on Hallmark Channel. Her parents and dog sister were there for support.

All seven of the 2017 American Hero Dog finalists

What an inspiring story. Thank you, incredible animal lovers, for changing her life.

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