Penguin Swims Over 5,000 Mile Every Year To Visit The Fisherman Who Saved His Life

Joao Pereira de Souza is a 71-year-old fisherman who lives in a small island village near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The kind-hearted man has been living a peaceful life near the sea for years and loves to connect with it.

One day at work, Joao stumbled upon a dying penguin! The poor fella was close to his end; however, Joao wasn’t willing to allow that to happen! He took the poor penguin onto his boat, cleaned him from oil and poisonous materials, and fed him until he started to gain his strength back.

Joao knew that the penguin would need some time to recover, so he set him a nice area and kept taking care of him for a few weeks. During this time, the fisherman got attached to the penguin and started to feel like he was a part of his family. He named him Dindim, and began to spend time with him just for fun.

Unfortunately, Joao knew that Dindim belonged at sea, and didn’t want to keep him from his real family. So, when the penguin was strong enough, Joao took him to the sea and tried to release him back into the ocean world.

But then… it turned out that Dindim had developed some feelings too because he just didn’t want to leave! He wished to stay with his beloved human father, and Joao happily concurred.

Joao and Dindim have lived together in happiness for about 11 months until the sweet penguin grew a new coat of feathers. Once that happened, the penguin simply disappeared without a trace.

The kind fisherman was a bit upset at first, but he had a feeling that his beloved penguin son will be back. He just knew it.

Although everyone told Joao to give up, he never gave up hope on his Dindim, and it’s a good thing that he didn’t because the adorable penguin had Joao in his thoughts too.

After a few months, Dindim came back to Joao’s regular beach and quickly found him again. The two were so happy to be reunited! Joao was ecstatic. 

Ever since then, Dindim has been dividing his time between Joao and his real family: during the summer, from June to February, the adorable penguin hangs out with his human father and enjoys every moment of it. When February comes, Dindim swims about 5000 miles toward the coasts of Argentina and Chile, to reconnect with his family of penguins.

Joao adores his clever penguin companion and loves him with all of his heart. He knows that Dindim loves him too. The kind-hearted fisherman likes the smart arrangement that the penguin has formed and appreciates every moment they share together.

Dindim doesn’t let other people come near him. However, when he’s with Joao, they do everything together. The penguin allows him to feed him, bathe him, play with him, pet him, pick him up and play with him, or simply hang out. 

The adorable penguin came to stay with Joao every year for the past four years, and Joao looks forward to his arrival every June. He knows that they’ll remain a loving family forever. 

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