Pelican Couple Are Excited When They Finally Get The Babies They’ve Been Waiting 6 Years For

Just like with us humans, animal couples also find it devastating when they fail to bring a child to the world despite trying time and time again. Despite trying several times over the past six years, Mr. Percival and his partner failed to raise any fertilized eggs. Caretakers at Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue were thrilled to see how excited the pelican couple is when they finally get the babies they’ve been waiting six years for.

“Mr. Percival has never given up trying to have a baby pelican chick,” the Australian based rescue group wrote on Facebook“We felt so sorry for him as it’s so sad when he’s seen the others around him seeing baby pelicans. So we did this amazing thing for him as we wanted to make him really happy this time.”

The caretakers took an egg from a fellow pelican’s nest and placed it in the couple’s nest. Sure enough, after one month of nesting, the eggs finally hatched. Australian pelicans chicks are born blind and naked, leaving them completely dependant on their parents for the first few months.

The couple was more than happy to provide their newborn chicks’ every need. “Mr. Percival was proud as punch,” Twinnies wrote. “He made us cry. As you can tell, he and his partner are in love with their newborn pelican chick.” They continued.

Mr. Percival is a devoted dad that splits all the chick-raising duties with his partner. “Mr. Percival goes for a swim and catches little fish then he feeds his little one. We are so proud of him as we can see the baby pelican chick is growing beautifully.” They wrote.

The kind people of Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue first crossed paths with Mr. Percival 18 years ago. The young pelican used to get caught in fishing nets near Chambers Island, Queensland. Mr. Percival eventually lost one of his wings to the nets, which didn’t live caregivers much of a choice other than bringing him into the shelter.

Mr. Percival made a huge transformation from when he first arrived at the shelter, partly thanks to his new status as a dad. “His behavior is just amazing.” They wrote on Facebook. ”[He’s] been doing a lot of pelican talk to us, as he knows we’re so happy, too. This is true love for our Mr. Percival.” 

See how happy the pelican couple are when they finally get their much-anticipated babies, in the video below:

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H/T – The Dodo

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