Paranoid Bulldog Is Obsessed with All of his Precious Water Bowls

Every individual clung to a security blanket or a “blankie” at some point in their childhood. Some were weaned at early stages while it took a long time for others. But this is a tale about a dog that refuses to let go of no other but his dear water bowls.

Meet Theo, the “Bowldog.” He is an adorable bulldog who seems quite normal, but once you get to know him deeper, you’ll be surprised to learn that he has an obsession with something odd, his beloved water bowls.

By that, we mean that he refuses to do basic things without them; he plays and sleeps with them and even chews them.

His owners started to notice his strange obsession when he was a few weeks old. One day, they spotted him standing in the water bowl, which is quite normal for puppies, but they got more suspicious when he started flinging his bowl around with his nose right after he finished his food and then chased it around the kitchen as if it was a living companion.

When the water level got low, he tried to push it over, making his owners mop the floor around the clock. With time, they started getting tired of his repetitive behavior until one day they had a lightbulb moment. They realized he never tried picking up plastic bowls, so they decided to use the plastic ones for drinking and the others as “security water bowls.”

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Theo likes to collect them in one place, usually in the pool. So instead of seeing pool floats, you will see tens of water bowls floating in the water. Then, he would take them inside the house for a dry.

But there comes a time when they get dirty, and his parents put them in the dishwasher. But it is unacceptable for Theo; he gets worried and stays anxious by the dishwasher till it fishes the washing program.

The sweet pup loves having his bowl in a row! When its unloading time, the concerned pup climbs onto the dishwasher door and picks back his precious water bowls, hoping they are safe and sound

The brilliant pup strategically spread the water bowls around the house, so he always has one in eyeshot because not seeing a water bowl gives him massive anxiety.

It seems like the big water bowls frustrate him since they are hard to carry as they often fall, but his favorite water bowl is the tiniest, seemingly since it’s the easiest to carry around.

One thing we are sure of – nothing will separate between a sweet ‘bowldog’ and his precious water bowls.

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