Paralyzed Pregnant Dog Was Forcibly Used For Breeding, Rescued And Gave Birth In Rescuers Presence

Another sad story of a dog who was used for breeding. Luckily this brave pregnant Dachshund got her happy ending. Maria’s owners didn’t just brutally used the paralyzed dog for breeding, but they also decided to abandon her. It was only a 3,000 dollar C-section that separated her from a living hell at her owner’s place to a living hell on the street.

YouTube/Friends Of Emma Medical Rescue

Due to Maria’s health condition a C-section was needed in order to deliver Maria’s infants. It was an amazing rescue group, “Friends of Emma” who found the miserable dog trying to drag herself, what a tragic sight to see.

The spectacular organization took decided to rescue her and provide her a medical care. Maria’s situation was far worse than it seemed, the vets figured that besides being paralyzed and pregnant she had fleas and infections all over her and on the top of that she was severely anemic.

Happily, brave Maria had a successful birth, it was such a rewarding feeling to see that all the cute puppies are healthy (even heavier than an average size).

After she gave birth, the rescuers took a good care of her, they made sure she’s getting a proper medical care in the dog shelter and steadily got better. Seeing her playing with her happy pups is such an inspiring and heartwarming sight.

YouTube/Friends Of Emma Medical Rescue

Happy Update: Maria and her seven puppies found amazing families that love and take care of them.

Don’t miss this amazing video of Maria’s story! Click the video below!

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