Paralyzed Pitbull Carried Out Of The Shelter By Her New Daddy

If you think that Pitbulls struggle to get adopted just imagine how hard it must be for one that is disabled. Well, sadly you don’t need to imagine it, but rather just keep on reading. We’ll save you the heartache, after spending a long time at the shelter, Sweet Potato, the paralyzed Pitbull in this story, was eventually carried out of it by her brand new daddy!

Sweet Potato was sadly paralyzed in her back legs as a result of a spinal injury. Staff at the Humane Society of Charlotte, NC, knew that finding the lively pitty a forever home will be a difficult (if not impossible) task.

A creative volunteer had an idea – start a campaign where staff members took a selfie with the dog and tag it with the hashtag – #SelfiesWithSweetPotato.

The loving staff at the HSC took care of the doggo’s every need. They gave her acupuncture treatments and with the help of an organization called Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation, they even fitted her in a special wheelchair.

A couple of weeks later the news everyone’s been longing for finally arrived. A man (who chose to remain anonymous) came and literally swooped the doggo up to take her home with him.

Just seeing how he carefully and compassionately carried the paralyzed Pitbull out of the shelter that day, shows how ready and willing he is to care for Sweet Potato’s every need!

Watch Sweet Potato enjoying her brand new wheelchair here:

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