Owner’s Created A Fake Lap After Their Clingy Kitty Didn’t Let Them Work

Ziggy is one of those cats that have absolutely no respect for people’s personal space. She doesn’t care if her owners are busy studying, or in the middle of a romantic dinner. She’ll take advantage of every opportunity to jump on their laps.

Rebecca May

When there’s no available lap in her sight, Ziggy goes to the most extreme measures, to be as near as possible to her beloved owners. She adorably jumps and tries to balance herself on their backs, arms, or shoulders. You can only imagine how pleased Ziggy was when she found out her owners started working from home.

Rebecca May

The kitty immediately exploited her parents’ new status, by climbing on them and walking all over their computers, not leaving them with one dull moment for work. Her mother, Rebecca May, tried to place a cat bed on her desk, but it wasn’t enough for the kitty, she needed to feel REAL warmth and love.

Rebecca May

Thankfully, Rebecca’s husband came up with a creative solution for their problem. If Ziggy’s favorite comfort spot is on one of their laps, then why not build her an artificial one?

He took an old pair of pants, stuffed them with a soft filling, and even hid a heating pad in there – just to be on the safe side.

The first time Ziggy saw the vacant laps, she couldn’t help but jump on them in excitement. Even though her owners didn’t really believe that this solution could possibly solve their clingy cat’s issues, Ziggy spent four hours in the comfort of the fake legs.

Rebecca May

May inspired many other cat owners to try and do the same after she posted this picture on Reddit with the captions: “Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise.”

Rebecca May

While their solution did seem to satisfy Ziggy, at least temporarily, the May’s know that it’s no replacement for the real thing!

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