Owner Wastes Hundreds Of Dollars After His Sympathetic Dog Mimics His Limp

When it comes to our furbabies’ health, things like money or time are almost never a factor. We’d spend as much money and time as it takes to guarantee that our dogs are safe and sound. When this dog owner saw his dog limping he instantly rushed to the vet. The concerned dog owner was shocked when he discovered that his dog actually mimics his limp out of sympathy. Now, this has to be one of the sweetest things you’ve ever heard…

Billy always had a close relationship with his dad, Russell Jones. The man recently broke his leg and had his leg in a plaster cast. After a week or so, Russell was doing a lot better and could already get around using crutches. 

And what’s the first thing Jones wanted to do after finally getting back his freedom? Taking a walk with his beloved four-legged buddy, of course. That’s also when he noticed something peculiar about his doggo.

Billy was limping. Badly. His foot wasn’t even touching the ground, so the man and his wife didn’t waste any time, and rushed him to the vet instantly.

When the doggo and his concerned owners arrived at the vet’s clinic the pooch was back to his normal self, walking normally, without any issues. In spite of that, the couple insisted that his leg will get scanned and tested.

After performing $400 worth of X-rays and examinations, the vet concluded that the dog’s leg was happily in perfect shape. The vet guessed that Billy’s limp was nothing more than the sweet doggo trying to show his limping daddy some sympathy.

While most owners would probably be mad at this point from the wasted time and money, Russel was thrilled to have such a sympathetic buddy with him. He shared a video of Billy limping along next to him to a dog lovers Facebook group.

People on the Facebook group were skeptical of the whole story. They were mostly concerned for the dog’s wellbeing and pleaded Russel to have his dog checked by another vet.

Russel replied that he did take his doggo to be looked at by multiple vets, all of which concluded that the dog was suffering from nothing apart from sympathy for his owner.

Scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Vienna actually conducted a study about this topic back in 2011. They found that dogs often mimic their owner even when it contradicts their personal benefit.

According to the study, dogs are even more prone to do so when the person or animal they’re mimicking is seen as the pack leader, just like in the case of Jones and Billy.

Don’t miss the adorable video showing how the dog mimics the limp of his owner. Click here to watch it.

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