Orphaned Pony Comforts Himself And Cuddles With A Huge Teddy Bear

At Go Animals were used to seeing unusual friendships that form between animals of different species. Despite being seasoned animal lovers, the friendship in our next story is so unusual that it even surprised us.

The adorable pony, who is now named Breeze, arrived at Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, England when he was only a few days old. To this day, it’s still unknown what happened to his mother, but the poor thing was found wandering alone. 

The one thing the staff at the sanctuary were certain of, is that the poor baby needed some tender comforting, to make up for the lack of a mother’s touch. So they drove to the nearest toy shop and bought Breeze a huge stuffed teddy bear doll. It was love at first sight. From that moment forward the adorable horse didn’t sleep without his precious teddy bear, Button. 

Do yourself a favor and watch the adorable pony cuddling with his beloved teddy bear Button:

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