Orphaned Koala Rescued From Australia Wildfire Obsessed With His Human Rescuer

When Bill Blair scanned a burnt area using a drone after the devastating Australia wildfire, he spotted a helpless creature in distress. The little creature is one lucky guy since Blair was on his way to the car.

Sadly, many animals on Kangaroo Island weren’t lucky enough to survive the horrible ranging bushfires but this baby koala was one of the few whose lives were saved.

When Blair reached the poor koala, he was disoriented and scared, leaving Blair with no option but helping the confused soul. The right course of action seemed incredibly clear to the rescuer 

Before Blair arrived at the burnt terrain, he was told that in case he spots a koala at a base of a tree, it means it’s hungry and it needs to be rescued. And so Blair took his shirt off and placed it over the koala, scooped him up and carried him all the way to the car.

Bill Blair

Surprisingly, when the rescuer approached the baby koala, he didn’t seem scared at all, as if he knew that Blair was there to help. Blair was heartbroken to see that all of his baby paws were burned – this little guy is a real survivor!

Blair loaded the koala wrapped up in his shirt into the car and rushed to the nearest makeshift koala hospital. On the way. The orphaned koala peeked out of Blair’s shirt and watched his rescuer, probably wondering what’s next for him.

Bill Blair

After a while, he looked out of the window and started to explore the car. Blair said it looked like a kid looking out of the window. The next unbelievable thing shocked Blair as he was driving; the furry passenger climbed on Blair’s seat and settled on his shoulder for cuddles.

Bill Blair

And there, Blair’s driving the car immediately after he met the wild animal, and the baby creature finds comfort snuggling up next to him all the way to the hospital.

The question of what the baby boy has been through still remains. Baby beings need a warm touch as part of their growth. There’s no doubt he was alone and scared for a long time so as soon he had found a friendly creature he jumped on the opportunity and snuggled up for as long as he could.

Bill Blair

When the two arrived, the staff rushed the baby koala for treatment and both Blair and the koala were sad to part ways.

Thanks to Blair the sweet koala got the medical attention he desperately needed to be released back into the wild where he could start his life as a healthy and strong koala.

Bill Blair

Blair explains that the hospital takes in injured koalas and kangaroos every day by locals and passersby. We have a feeling that both Blair and the orphaned koala will never forget each other.

Watch the video of the adorable koala joey down below:

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