Orphan Kitten Hides From His Future Family

The impact love has on us is just incredible.

When Reddit user Kelsey_Ann went to the theater with her mom, they noticed something tiny hiding behind a corner wall. They had to stop and check what it was. It didn’t take long till they realized it was a terrified kitten that tried to hide from humans.

They looked around to see whether there were other orphan kittens and took the little stray soul home. 

The homeless cat spent his way to his new home in Kelsey’s jacket. He didn’t make a sound, nor did he move. The poor kitten just hid in the jacket while wondering what was next for him.

Went to the theater for the holiday and came home with a frightened kitten. from r/aww

When he got home and received some love, his new family immediately started to gain his trust, and the kitten started to open up.

They named the cute little ginger kitten ‘Atlas.’ He wanted to play with his new family and become friends with his new dog sibling.


As the sun was setting, it was time to bed. His family wanted him to be safe and sound, and so they put him in a kennel. But in the middle of the night, he started crying. Kelsey didn’t think twice and took him back to bed, which turned out to be his permanent bed.


Atlas woke up to his brand-new life as a new cat. He is a confident, playful kitten who loves to be pet and snuggle.


He looks up to his new dog sibling.


Kelsey wanted to make sure her new kitten was healthy, and so she took him to the vet and purchased pet insurance for him.


The fact that the orange tabby kitten hid from Kelsey and her mother didn’t stop his future family to rescue him and give him a wonderful life.

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