‘Oreo’ Pup Has Become A Social Media Sensation Making Others Posting Pic Of Their Own

Facebook | Victoria Susman

This adorable puppy’s image has gone viral thanks to its oreo-like fur coloring and his sweet look.

Since one oreo doggy has made so many people smile, other owners decided to share photos of their Oreo pooches too, and they’re amazing!

Thanks to one picture of a dog with Oreo coloring, many people are sharing photos of their “Oreo dogs” as well.

Reddit | gettingzen

His owner adopted him after two previous owners actually returned him to the pound, and we can’t understand how anyone could’ve given up such a sweet dog. Thank heavens that now he has a stable forever home.

Reddit | kezzie87

This looks like a vanilla-flavored Oreo dog, how delightful!

Reddit | AnnabelsKeeper

It’s incredible to see how many people own Oreo dogs all over the world.

We never thought about it before, but most Huskies could look like Oreo cookies!

Reddit | Madeinthemoment1954

What a cutie puppy! Oreo or not, we’re going to eat him, because he is just too darn sweet.

Reddit | BornAfromatum

This is the same puppy, five years later! How could he still stay so adorable?!

Reddit | BornAfromatum

He looks like he’s saying hello to us. What a cream-colored cutie!

And all of these adorable Oreo canines were brought to our attention thanks to the original Oreo pooch.

Facebook | Victoria Susman

After the first Oreo Dog was born on Reddit, all of the people who saw him, wanted to share images of their Oreo dogs as well.

Thank you, original Oreo dog, for bringing so many images of other sweet Oreo dogs into our lives.

Facebook | Victoria Susman

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