One Time Opportunity To Pay Off Parking Tickets By Donating To Animal Shelter

There are lots of creative ways to help homeless animals. Some people even dedicate their lives rescuing and bettering the lives of the strays. The Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana goes above and beyond to make sure they upgrade as many strays’ lives as they can.   

The local police and the MACS have come up with a brilliant idea of allowing citizens paying off their fines by aiding homeless cats.

The shelter started to be overloaded with cats, so the local police offered an incredible solution that stops two gaps with one bush; Instead of paying off the fines, they could donate the fine fee to the Muncie shelter and raise awareness at the same time.

The Muncie shelter and the Muncie Police Department shared the incredible cooperation with all the details on social media. Among the things, they encouraged people to donate, there are food and blankets.  

People were inspired by the initiative and spread the word all over the community. 

The local police department was determined to help the shelter, and there wasn’t room for excuses, so they offered to help with transporting the donations to the shelter. 

Muncie Animal Care & Services
Muncie Animal Care & Services

Needless to say that this benefit can’t last forever, so they limited it. But regardless, it’s an outstanding initiative that shows people that the shelter needs plenty of help. 

Muncie Animal Care & Services

People hope to see more initiatives like this, and we hope to keep you updated!

Scroll down to watch the inspiring video of the incredible initiative.

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