One Of The Most Magical Creatures On Earth Is Spotted In Norway

The Norwegian wildlife photographer, Mads Nordsveen captured on camera one of the most magical and rare creatures on Earth.

The talented photographer was hiking in the mountains looking for beautiful landscapes for his photography travel when he suddenly spotted a breathtaking animal.

Mads Nordsveen never expected to come across this rare creature, but some people are just lucky. As the snowy background camouflaged the adorable baby deer, the photographer enjoyed the moment and took some outstanding pictures. 

Surprisingly, the deer didn’t try to run away and even posed for the camera. It is definitely a ‘natural.’

As seen in the photos, the deer came close to the excited photographer and looked straight in his eyes; then, he spotted the deer’s mother watching them behind the trees. The baby deer walked around for a few minutes and ran back to his mom. 

Mads said, “it was very magical and a fairy tale moment.” He continued by saying that it seemed that the magical creature was curious about the two-legged creature in front of him.

As the wildlife photographer hopes to see the deer again in the future, he feels so grateful for the magical moment they shared.

While many think that the deer is albino, according to experts, it would have pink or red eyes if it was albino, but this beautiful deer had dark eyes. Seemingly, their antlers are white since they have pigmentation.

The Nature Conservancy says that it is most likely they have such a unique look due to a rare genetic trait. It is estimated that 1% of deer populations have this rare genetical condition (leucism) while not all the individuals with leucism entirely white, some have unique splotches.

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