One Of The Most Adorable Rabbit Species Is On A Brink Of Extinction

One of the most adorable animals out there was discovered back in 1982 for the first time. The cute mountain-dwelling creature is the Ili Pika (Ochotona iliensis), which, unfortunately, is extremely endangered. The mysterious animal is also known as ‘magic rabbit’ since it can be found in remote areas in the North West of China.

Li Weidong

After it was discovered by Li Weidong, a renowned conservationist, people around the world started to express interest in this magical animal as the species rapidly declines. Weidong was the first to capture the elusive mammal on camera after 20 years.

Li Weidong

The conservationist said that since the ’80s, the magic rabbit population has decreased in numbers by almost 70%. As for now, there are less than 1,000 magic rabbits in the wild. He told CNN, “I discovered the species, and I watched as it became endangered.” Li added, “If it becomes extinct in front of me, I’ll feel so guilty.”

Li Weidong

Weidong was concerned about the saddening situation and decided to take action. The activist conservationist gathered 20 volunteers to track down the rare species in hopes of increasing its population in numbers.

He spent most of his savings just for this cause, while authorities did not express any interest in this issue. “This tiny species could be extinct any time,” said the conservationist. He explained, “they don’t exist in the sites where they used to be anymore.”

“I’m almost 60, and soon I won’t be able to climb the Tianshan Mountains. So I really hope that an organization will have people study and protect the Ili Pika,” Li shared.

Li Weidong

We hope that Li’s actions will spread awareness and make authorities help the magic rabbit stay in this world.

Watch the video about the species:

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