One-Eyed Cat Has Made An Unlikely Friend

At times, we tend to judge books by their covers, and sometimes we even miss good things that life offers us by doing that. 

It is common among stray cats to lose an eye due to infections. Ace is a friendly cat who lost one of his eyes as well when he lived on the streets. But these days he’s an adopted pampered cat. He likes lying down in the front yard and enjoying the weather.


For some reason, people are unsure of Ace’s intentions since he looks a bit different. With that, passersby think twice before they pet him. But this little boy is something different, he looks deeper than what’s seen on the outside. 

The little neighbor had seen the adorable cat lying outside, and although he had only one eye, he decided to pet him. Since that day, he has been coming almost every day for bonding time. The cat’s owner was surprised to see a kid stopping by with his bicycle to greet the cat on the security camera.

The cat owners were happy to see that Ace made a loyal friend, so they invited him to come anytime he wanted. Whenever the cat sees his buddy, he runs over to say hello and spend some time with him.


While people hesitate to get to know Ace, the young boy earned a new friend. The lovely duo spends lots of time at each other’s company and enjoys sitting by the front door to share a laugh.

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