Obese Overweight Dog Is Dumped Alone in a Field Now a Handsome Pup

Arbuckle is a sweet loving dog, who was found near a farm, immobile and lonely. The poor pup was suffering from hypothyroidism.  

Dogs are usually quite thin thanks to endless energy and great physique. They burn a lot of calories on a daily basis and stay in good shape.

But while the four-legged athletes run around the whole they, they’ll never turn down a good meal as well. That’s why it’s important to balance their meal in order to make sure they’re healthy. 

Nevertheless, weight gain could occur due to many health problems. One of the causes could be hypothyroidism – an imbalance of the thyroid hormone’s secretion levels. When a mammal’s body emits fewer thyroid hormones, it could suffer from several side effects, such as a poor ability to tolerate cold, a feeling of tiredness, constipation, depression, and weight gain.

When sweet Arbuckle was found at first, he weighed about 116 lbs and was struggling to walk. Since his body was so heavy, his joints were quite weak and worn down, to the point that they couldn’t carry his weight. 
The shelter “A Purposeful Rescue” in LA took him in and decided to take care of the friendly pooch. The staff promised to find him a loving, forever home.

Firstly, the shelter’s volunteers hurried Arbuckle to the vet, where they first found out that he was suffering from hypothyroidism. They were quite sad to realize that the pup was in pain for so long, but relieved to discover that the condition was treatable. 

The vet explained that the hormonal imbalance caused the weight gain, and the deterioration of Arbuckle’s joints. Once he receives medication, his condition will improve.

After Arbuckle had started receiving his medication, he consistently kept losing weight. Once he was able to walk, the volunteers started to go out with the sweet canine, to help him lose weight and get back in shape.

While the sweet pooch was working hard to better himself, one celebrity discovered the loving doggy’s story on the social network. Jane Lynch is an incredible actress and an avid dog-lover. The moment she heard about Arbuckle, she knew she had to have him. The sweet actress knew that she could take great care of the adorable pup, and give him the loving forever home he genuinely deserved.

After his recovery, Jane Lynch took Arbuckle back to her home, as a much thinner and happier canine. The sweet doggy was ecstatic to have his very own forever home, and a loving human mommy, to stand by his side. 

Jane Lynch opened social media accounts for her sweet pup and shared his progress with the world. Arbuckle had lost more and more weight with each day. At last, he became a handsome athlete! Social media is calling him “the wonder dog,” because he recovered so well and stayed the happy, kind-hearted dog he always had been through the entire process.

Unfortunately, Arbuckle passed away recently. He was loved by Jane Lynch and all of his followers. They’ll always remember his beautiful soul and adorable personality. 

After the sweetheart’s passing, the “A Purposeful Rescue” shelter had received more than 5,000$ in donations. They were all donated throughout one night. That goes to show that some amazing people in the world genuinely love to help animals.

We all hope that Arbuckle is at a better place, where he can run and enjoy nature and find love.

Watch the video of the pup, which tells his incredible journey and shows what a happy ending he found at Jane Lynch’s forever home.

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