NYPD Officers Adopts Abandoned Kitten As Station Pet

The Purrfect crime-fighting buddy!
Meet Martin, the newest addition to the NYPD’s 60th Precinct in Brooklyn. 
The grey colored Tabby was abandoned at the station at age 6 months, and instantly stole the officers’ hearts!

After much pleading, they convinced the commanding officer he would be a great add to the station, boosting morale.
“I told them, ‘I have two cats at home and two dogs, and I don’t have a problem with it, but we got to get a litter box and you have to clean out the litter box,” Deputy Inspector William Taylor explained to Brooklyn Paper. “I’ll even foot the expense, the food, the water, the treats — but I’m not cleaning out the litter box.’”

Now the adorable stray have a place he can call home!
The furry new officer is named Martin. According to the New York Post, he was named after Officer Martin D. Costanza, one of the cops who persistently plead the kitty’s case.

The station has provided Martin with multiple beds, food and water, and toys. Having plenty of company, he is getting all the affection a feline friend needs.
“He’s definitely lifted spirits. There’s not one person here, cop or civilian, that doesn’t adore this cat,” Taylor told the New York Post. “He has the run of the precinct. He took control of the place right away.”

Surely a worthy candidate to support NYPD’s finest.

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