Nurse Works 12-Hour Shifts For 20 Days Straight And Gets Comforted By A Stray Cat

Sometimes it really seems like animals have a sixth sense. We mean, what other explanation is there for them always knowing when we’re down and in the need of some cheering up. While going through one heck of a nurse training, this Egyptian intern got just what he needed – a cat walked up to him and comforted him, before vanishing back into the bushes he came from.

Ahmed Flaty is currently going through nurse training in his home country of Egypt. While nurse training is never an easy thing to complete, it’s even harder and more demanding now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flaty doesn’t get a lot of breaks, which makes what happened to him even more unique. On one of his rare breaks, the man was sitting outside and enjoying the sun, when a curious stray cat emerged from amidst the bushes. The kitten must have had sharp senses because he gave Flaty exactly what he needed – a nice, warm, and loooong cuddle sesh.

Flaty later explained why this is such an abnormal thing. He said that stray animals are usually treated poorly in his country, especially in big cities. That’s why he was so surprised that the stray just approached him, without him even trying to seduce her with food.

The kitten rubbed against Flaty for some time, before taking a leap of faith and jumping on his lap for a good 20-minute nap. After being comforted by the adorable stray cat, the nurse felt refreshed and ready to go back inside and continue his strenuous job.

In the days following their adorable cuddle sesh, Flaty was constantly looking for his feline friend, but sadly, without success. He hasn’t given up hope just yet and still hopes to reunite with his friend on one of his few future breaks.

We wish Flaty the best of luck and the feline to find a loving home (perhaps with his new nurse friend?) very soon!

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