Newlyweds Ask People For Animal Welfare Donations Instead Of Household Items

Usually, newlyweds ask their friends and family on their wedding registry for assorted household items, but Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham decided to do something different.

The Ohio couple has been together for over seven years, and household items weren’t much needed, but they did have the need to help rescue animals. They cared a lot about animal welfare and rescue, so the right course of action seemed clear to them- they decided to take the chance to help those in need.

Wayne County Humane Society

The wedding was over, and the newlyweds took the donations and went shopping for items that the shelter needed; 1,200 cans of wet food, mops, 750 pounds of dry food and plenty of cleaning supplies they could use for months ahead.

On top of that, the two donated $2,000, so the shelter could have for emergency vet bills. The shelter director, Carrie Andrew, said that the donation saved two cats who needed surgeries.

The Wayne County Humane Society is grateful for the incredible deed that saved them thousands of dollars in food and helped animals who needed medical care.

 The generous couple didn’t see something that they wanted more than helping rescue animals. Thank you, the Wickhams, your act of kindness touched our hearts and hopefully will inspire people to find opportunities to help those in need.

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