New York’s Chonkiest Cat Weighs 30lb

Is there anything more adorable than an overweight cat? 

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6-year-old Samson is overall a typical New Yorker cat, but besides being super chubby and huge, he’s the friendliest and kindest feline around town.

His owner, Jonathan Zurbel, adopted him from his brother after he learned that he could not take care of him due to his tight work schedule.

But Samson fell into perfect hands that give him the best life a chubby cat could have.

Samson belongs to the largest domesticated cat breed, Main Coon. In fact, he’s so big that he can barely fit in a child stroller. But Samson isn’t just another ordinary Main Coon, he’s even huge by his breed standards.

Zurbel believes that his beloved majestic furball is the largest cat in the city and invites others to prove him wrong. 

While some may think that the cat is too big, he is actually a healthy chonk. He weighs in at 30 pounds and is almost 4 feet long.

Samson is one sweet cat, but caring for him can be quite difficult at times. The chubby chonk scarfs down about six cans of wet food a day and lots of dry food bags every week. 

Zurbel takes good care of Samson’s fur by taking him to $120 grooming session every few months. But although having and caring for this lovely cat isn’t a cheap business, Zurbel believes that Samson is worthy of everything.

The adorable feline is gentle, affectionate, and loves his human companion more than anything in the world. The duo likes cuddling and snuggling. Samson wakes up every morning to wake his dad up so he could dedicate him a brief bonding time before he goes to work.

Samson claimed Zurbel’s bed and now barely leaves some sleeping space to his dad. 
The lovely cat is used to getting attention from passersby; they love petting him and taking pictures with him. Plus, Samson has his own Instagram account that has drawn almost 202K followers! He is a real celebrity.

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