New York Made Unprecedented Step Of Banning Declawing

Onychectomy, which is known as declawing, is usually misunderstood.  People tend to compare human fingernail to cat’s claw while it’s a tremendously painful procedure, that leaves the cat with various permanent disabilities. 

Unfortunately, most states in the United States do not protect cats in this regard under the law. Declawing happens mostly due to the lack of awareness among cat owners. They think that declawing their cats will make them stop ruining furniture and scratching people.  Although the cats are usually anesthetized during the surgery, following the procedure, they start to feel extreme pain. The nails tend to grow inside the paw, causing lots of pain as well.


New York state has made an unprecedented step in the animal rights world by passing a law that bans cat owners from declawing their cats. The law fines cat owners who declaw their cats up to $1,000 with the exception of cases in which declawing is required due to medical issues.   

The bill was signed in on July 22, by the NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. The exciting news has drowned lots of attention among animal rights activists in particular and in the United States in general. 


Linda Rosenthal, the bill’s sponsor in the state assembly, believes that the groundbreaking law will make a lot of impacts everywhere.

Although other states have made decent progress in protecting animals, New York was the first to pass such law. Supporters like PETA and The Humane Society had been supporting the bill along the process. PETA has been fighting this issue trying to raise awareness in its official website saying that declawing is banned in Germany as well.


While the law drew lots of support, others oppose it as well.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the New York State Veterinary Medical Society (NYSVMS) have been its biggest opponent. They have been arguing that cat owners should have the right to consult with their vet and make a decision.  

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