New US law could save countless lab animals and give them a home

It’s no news that federal laboratories are performing experiments on dogs, cats, primates, rabbits and other animals in massive amounts. 

Sadly, since most government agencies do not have policies allowing lab animal retirement, virtually all of these animals–including puppies and kittens, will be killed, even if they’re healthy at the end of testing. 

The U.S. Senate is stepping up to protect survivors of wasteful government animal experiments, and initiated a bill to help find the animals a home.


The said law requires that all federal agencies enact policies allowing for the retirement of animals after experiments end in government labs. As long as the animal is found to be physically and mentally healthy, it is forbidden to put it down. 

It will be mandatory to place the animals with an with an animal rescue group, animal sanctuary or shelter, or given to someone who wants to keep them as a pet.

Truly a step towards a better future for animals and humans alike!

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