New Law! It’s Illegal To Not Take Your Pet Out For A Daily Stroll

Animals find themselves entirely at the mercy of others while some people abuse their pets by not taking them out for a stroll and giving them a chance to fresh breath air and defecate.


In order to protect those poor dogs, the ACT legislation ruled to fine those who should not take their dog for a daily walk.

It is well known that animals are sentient beings that could suffer too, yet people don’t treat their pets properly. Following that, it was necessary to enact a rule that will protect those helpless animals.


In March 2020, pet owners will be forced by law to take their dog outdoors to exercise. Should someone refrain from doing that, they will be confronted with a stiff fine of $4,000.

As taking your dog out for a walk will soon be a must in Australia, there’s an exception of keeping the dog in a backyard which will allow it to stretch its legs and run around.


An amendment is moved by the ACT Government determining that animals who are restricted in an enclosure, will be considered as “confined.”

Moreover, the law now grants a $4,000 fine to pet owners who will prevent their animals from shelter, food, and water.

What a remarkable initiative! We hope that other countries will follow in the ACT’s footsteps.

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