New law allows people to be buried with their pets

People who wanted to be buried with their four-legged family member did not have many options. As animal burial wasn’t allowed in human cemeteries, some would request burial in the pet cemetery.

With a new law approved in New York state, things seem to be changing for the better.

Recognizing that the little pooch is just as much a family member as a sibling or spouse, the state now passed a law that allows people to be buried alongside their pets if they so choose, in a human cemetery. 

The law isn’t just limited to dogs and cats, though. It allows for a range of different animals to be buried with their owners. Great news for all animal lovers and parents.

There are some exemptions to the law, of course. Religious cemeteries don’t have to comply with this new law, and individual cemeteries can still choose to refuse to bury any pets if they so please.

This law brings the hope that other states will follow and approved of similar laws, marking the start of a new area.

Parting this world is a complex journey, but it seems now there is a ray of hope for the future. When planning a will, love and caring are crucial, people want to lay next to their best friend and loved ones. 

Sometimes you can’t choose family, and sometimes family is created from the important people and precious creatures in your life. Family is made from loved ones, be it a choice or not.


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