New Beginning After Child Loss

There is no right or wrong way to overcome grief. From traveling abroad to quitting job there is no one way to do it. Christopher McCarron lost his son Chris Jr.. Needless to say, he was devastated. Coping with grief and moving forward with his life wasn’t easy.

McCarron started thinking about adopting a dog and so he did. He went to the local animal shelter in Scotland hoping to find a new best friend that will be there for him and provide him some joyful moments. He arrived at Dog’s Trust Center where he met Jack, a 6-year-old former guard dog.

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The Rottweiler was waiting there to find a forever home, and then one day he met McCarron. But McCarron came to the shelter wanting to adopt a puppy, so how did they end up together?

When Christopher arrived at the shelter and met Jack, he immediately fell in love with him, they shared a special bond. He knew he wanted to take him home, so he adopted him the same day. 

Adopting Jack was a huge moment, but it wasn’t the only unforgettable moment that was treasured on that day. Christopher was about to go home but then he met Margaret, an animal lover who visited the shelter. They started to talk about the reason they both were there, rescuing shelter dogs.

She was inspired by Jack’s adoption and Christopher promised to update her regarding his progress and adjustment to his new place. And that was the start of a great friendship that later turned into a relationship.

The cute couple got engaged and Jack, the reason they met, was invited to their wedding as his dad’s best man.

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The exciting day had finally arrived and the ceremony went just smoothly till Jack decided to steal the show and interrupt the ceremony. Although it was kind of impolite, everyone laughed and was entertained by the unexpected moment.

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Don’t miss the hilarious moment in the video below

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