Neglected Pitbull Saved From high-Kill Shelter And Gets Her First Taste Of Freedom

Aimee is a lively Pitbull that belonged to a man who didn’t really care for her. He only wanted her because she made him look tough. When the pooch developed a painful skin condition, the selfish man dumped her at Carson Animal Care Center, a high-kill shelter in California. Aimee, who clearly understood her fate, was restless and very confused. Don’t worry though, despite having a rough start, it wouldn’t be long before the neglected Pitbull gets her first taste of real freedom.

It wouldn't be long before the neglected Pitbull gets her first taste of real freedom

Aimee’s distress didn’t go unnoticed. The staff at the shelter mercifully treated the dog’s skin disease and shared her pictures on social media. It wasn’t long before Aimee got much better and ready to find her new home. Whenever someone came to the shelter and even glanced at her, Aimee would get overwhelmed with excitement. She was desperately longing for attention and love.

The Neglected Pitbull was longing for Freedom and to be loved

A few days after the post was uploaded, Aimee finally got the moment she’s been waiting for. Her heartbreaking story touched the souls of a few kind people. The compassionate humans came forward and offered to adopt the pooch and provide her with a much-needed loving environment.

the exciting moment the Neglected Pitbull finally Gets Freedom

Thankfully the heartwarming moment they came to pick her up, was caught on camera. Aimee is so excited she just can’t contain her happiness. She runs around adorably and kisses each member of her new family, while her new brother tries to keep his grip on the leash. Following her adoption, the rescue group shared the video and wrote: “AIMMEE (PHOENIX) has to be the cutest little hippo that ever took her FREEDOM RUN out of the Shelter into the arms of her new family! Thanks to all of you SHARING, she is Safe tonight. Happy life AIMEE.”

We’re so glad to hear that Aimee got the freedom she’s been longing for so desperately. 

Watch the heart-melting moment the once-neglected Pitbull gets her first taste of freedom here:

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